Monday, April 11, 2016

Welcome to Train with Purpose

Why do you need a Coach?
Everyone can use coaching. I think a common misconception is that only elite's should or could have one.

A Coach will:
  • help prevent injury (I've lost years being injured!)
  • customize a plan just for you (the common plans out there are for the MASSES!)
  • be your cheerleader
  • share a wealth of information

I am a Road Runner Club of America, CPR/First Aide certified Coach.

I offer on-line as well as face-to-face or group consultations, if you're in the Metro-Detroit area.

So what are you waiting for,  e-mail me at: 

Free 3 week training plans for the next round of classes!

In preparation for the next round of classes starting Tuesday, May 3rd, I've created a 3 week training plan to get you ready to tackle that goal of yours!

Couch Potato 5K training plan.

Run A 5K training plan.

10K All the Way training plan.
Plus, supplemental How to Plank.